Value Capture: Developer Contributions Techniques and Case Studies

June 27, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm



The travel demands generated by new development will impact both transportation networks in the immediate area and the broader area of the development which arises as a result of cumulative development. The reduced availability of funds for expansion of the local road network has hindered many locals from upgrading infrastructure to meet increasing travel demand resulting from new growth. Without developer contribution, new growth, vitality and levels of service would be seriously compromised.

Value Capture: Developer Contribution Techniques can help the local authority recover a portion of the cost of roadway network and infrastructure services that is needed to accommodate population and employment growth resulted from the new development. Developer Contributions are public-private partnerships sharing infrastructure services costs resulting from new development including a variety of mechanisms by which developers can contribute directly to the provision of infrastructure and community facilities, including Development impact and Negotiated Development Contributions.

Our speakers will provide an overview of Developer Contributions and case studies including Development Negotiated Exaction and Impact Fees including the processes, requirements, accounting & administration, leveraging state and federal funds, and much more. After successfully completing this webinar, participants will understand the benefits and applicability of Developer Contributions as a Value Capture Technique to bridge the gap between the cost of new infrastructure and available funds as well as help reduce the economic burden on local jurisdictions that are dealing with growth within the area.

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