Understand Value Capture Tools and Federal Resources

June 20, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm



What you need to know about Value Capture Strategies in transportation investment! Are you looking for funding to complete your street initiative or improve your infrastructure condition? Interested in funding and financing strategies for a needed transportation infrastructure program of projects? Do you need a stronger understanding of how to pair Value Capture techniques with Federal resources? Are you interested in learning how other transportation agencies capitalize on the value created by transportation investments and capture a portion of increased value? Join us to learn more about Value Capture, including case studies that are being implemented by lead agencies.

Our speakers will provide an executive overview of Value Capture and its benefits, state of practice, case studies, and how FHWA can assist in implementing Value Capture. The objective is to build capacity for consideration and implementation of revenue options and value capture tools as part of a mix of funding and financing strategies in long-range plans. After successfully completing this webinar, participants will understand the benefits and applicability of Value Capture mechanisms to accelerate project delivery, non-Federal matching opportunities, pairing with Federal Innovative Finance, and getting the project off the ground.

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