‘True’ real-time: Passenger information to elevate the experience and restore trust in buses

September 28, 2021 @ 7:00 am – 8:00 am

This webinar brings together industry experts to discuss how the sector can restore public trust in buses post-pandemic. Transport providers today face huge challenges: reduced ridership, loss of public confidence, restricted budgets and the prospect of increasing disruption into the future. To overcome these challenges, the public must be assured that bus travel is safe, reliable and convenient. This will require responsive, dynamic networks that deliver services in line with actual demand and elevate the passenger experience through rich, accessible and reliable information.

This webinar brings together industry experts to identify actual passenger requirements and consider how existing and emerging technologies may be harnessed to reimagine the passenger experience, delivering reliable, rich information that supports journey planning and ease of mobility, with active travel connections and air quality information that drives sustainable mobility choices.

The webinar aims to present a range of solutions to current and future challenges, which will deliver a revolution in passenger experience that delivers essential bus ridership recovery.

Key learning points

  • Identify the requirements and expectations of modern passengers
  • Consider the tools that will reimagine the delivery of accurate and reliable bus travel information
  • Understand how technology can help to deliver services aligned to passenger requirements, elevating the overall experience and thereby driving essential ridership recovery.

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