Rural Transit Manager Peer Roundtable

October 8, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Join National RTAP staff and Review Board members for this opportunity to convene with your peers and discuss issues affecting your job, your agency, and your community.
Topics may include:
  1. What are you doing, if anything, to help get people to the polls to vote?
  2. How are you training your drivers and other staff? Are you forgoing any training, using online training, or otherwise altering your training program?
  3. Are you starting any projects, expansions, or trying other new directions for your program?
  4. What are you doing for outreach or marketing? Is anyone doing a Safe to Ride campaign or encouraging new riders?
  5. How are you handling farebox revenue right now?
  6. How are you doing as a leader during these challenging times? What are you doing to take care of yourself and your employees?
  7. Is your agency doing anything regarding the anti-racism movement and protests, etc.? Are you implementing any additional training, peer/support groups, or other changes?
  8. Are your staff still working remotely when possible? Do you see this as a cost savings benefit or are you looking to return to the old normal?
Please register in advance. During registration you can identify which topics you are interested in and suggest additional questions.
The roundtable will be an informal peer discussion and will not be recorded. A summary will be provided to share resources, tips, and lessons learned.
Note: If you are a tribal system, a Tribal Transit Peer Roundtable will be held this Thursday, September 17 at 3:00-4:00pm ET with National RTAP staff and Amy Fong, Transportation Program Analyst, FTA to discuss program updates and virtual training needs. Feel free to participate in both!
National RTAP is a program of the Federal Transit Administration dedicated to creating rural and tribal transit solutions through technical assistance, partner collaboration, and free training materials.

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