MaaS business models – lessons learned

September 15, 2021 @ 7:00 am – 8:00 am

This webinar will explore what lessons have been learned from the progress of MaaS so far and where the concept goes from here.

MaaS has made it beyond the hype and continues to gain popularity. More and more MaaS initiatives are popping up, the technology behind it is mature and a lot of light has been shed on what makes a MaaS app attractive to customers.

But one question becomes increasingly pressing: How do we establish models of cooperation that equally serve the commercial interests of all stakeholders? MaaS is based on integration and cooperation; a platform will only endure if all participants have viable incentives to contribute to the joint project. The platform’s business model has to accommodate the partners’ business models, which may be very heterogeneous. An agreement also needs to be reached on the assignment of roles and responsibilities. How can this be achieved and where do challenges arise?

In this webinar, Geert Vanbeveren (Siemens Mobility) and Ulrich Lange (eos.uptrade) outline the various models and explain their implications, with special attention given to  data management. The speakers will also share their experiences and insights from various international large-scale MaaS projects with the audience.

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