EV Charging Infrastructure 2019

October 29, 2019 – October 30, 2019 all-day
Convene Conference Center
101 Greenwich Street
New York



EVs are envisioned to dominate the future mobility market in the US. However, a robust charging infrastructure, necessary to make e-mobility a complete reality, is seen as lagging behind requirements.

The mismatch in the growth of EVs and its charging infrastructure is being recognised across America. Incentives for faster deployment of charging stations are being offered in 35 US states. Charging technologies are also evolving at a great pace. The fundamental issues being debated, thus, revolve around where to charge the EVs, who will build the charging infrastructure, and whether electricity grids will be ready for the envisioned EV growth.

To discuss these issues and explore the best solutions for the US, Global Transmission Report is organising a conference on EV Charging Infrastructure 2019 on October 29-30, 2019 at Convene Conference Center, 101 Greenwich Street, New York. The purpose of the conference is to highlight plans, grid implications, technologies and solutions to build an efficient and viable EV charging infrastructure in the US.

The conference will bring together leading utilities, grid operators, regulators, investors, consultants, OEMs, charging equipment suppliers, and solutions providers to help shape the future of the e-mobility space in the US.

The one-and-a-half day conference will have 12 sessions covering a wide range of topics relevant for all stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure segment in the US. It will present policies and plans for building EV charging infrastructure in key US states. It will also highlight the latest technological developments and solutions to improve customer experience and interaction.

Reliable grid connectivity is the key to build adequate EV charging infrastructure. The demand for and load profile of EV charge points have implications for the grid. Are utilities and grid operators ready? The conference will have a dedicated session to discuss the impact of EVs on power grid planning, operations and security.

The event will also help understand the regulatory requirements and standards for building EV charge points in key US states. It will provide an opportunity to understand the role governments and private investors can play in building a charging infrastructure. Besides, it will provide insights into the expectations of leading EV manufacturers, fleet operators and public transport authorities.

There will also be a dedicated session on the experiences of leading charge point developers and operators. This will provide an opportunity to learn how to build a smart charging network, providing user friendly and interoperable charging solutions. The use of blockchain technology in charging solutions will be presented at the conference. The event will also discuss the role of energy storage and distributed generation in building efficient charging infrastructure.

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