Community Approach to Resiliency Planning

January 27, 2020 – January 28, 2020 all-day
Piscataway NJ


This is a two-day training on the community approach to resiliency planning. It defines what planning for resiliency means to a community’s ability to survive disaster, recover and thrive in the future. It starts with an understanding of how the infrastructure elements that make up the built environment are relied upon to serve the community’s needs and how they will need to function before, during and after disaster’s for egress, ingress, emergency response, recovery and repair, and building back better. With a focus on transportation infrastructure and its interdependencies with energy, communications, water and wastewater, and all community building infrastructure, the training will start with a basic understanding of each communities’ hazards and threats as defined by state and local emergency preparedness plans, and progress with identifying vulnerabilities and best practice mitigations.

The training incorporates hands on exercises, interactive discussions and real-life examples, that is targeted to enhance the ability of engineers, planners and government officials to understand the subject and make informed design decisions and assessments. Each participant will be provided with a CD containing the training material, the examples, the training exercises, along with a workbook containing the training content.


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