We are Champions of Public Transit

Public transit improves communities, stimulates economies and helps protect our environment. It benefits even those who never use it. We believe that public transit is beyond discretionary, that it is essential. We are champions for public transit, and we contend that with better public transit comes better quality of life for riders, non-riders, community stakeholders, businesses and the public at-large. This is a defining characteristic of our Association and is embedded in everything we do.

Our team of legislative advocates works to promote multi-year transit funding and to represent transit's interests before the Oklahoma State Legislature, the Governor and regulatory agencies on the local, state and federal levels. We maintain direct access to elected officials and government professionals, working closely with them to shape the future of transit.

Our legislative advocates speak alongside, and on behalf of, our more than 100 member organizations consisting of all of Oklahoma's largest urban transit operators, as well as dozens of agencies in suburban and rural areas. Our membership also extends to include commuter rail agencies, transit support groups, national and international transit suppliers, and government agencies.

We empower our members to speak with a stronger voice, learn through education and training we provide, and collaborate with other similarly minded transit providers and stakeholders.

With a motivated and informed membership base, our Association actively engages state decision makers to shape transit-friendly policy, secure increased transit funding and promote the benefits of a balanced transportation system.

Founded in 1983, the Oklahoma Transit Association (OTA) is the state’s voice for public transit. OTA’s membership is comprised of the 34 urban, small urban, suburban, rural and tribal transit agencies in the state who share the common priority of providing and improving mobility and access for all Oklahoman's. Industry-related vendors who share that vision also belong to OTA through its Associate Member Program. OTA’s mission is to support public transit through advocacy, education, communication and partnerships. The organization’s vision is to be distinguished as a leader in the public transit industry by facilitating the enhancement of mobility and access for all Oklahomans.