Tulsa Transit Start the Connecting Progress Plan

Tulsa Transit Kicks Off The Connecting Progress Plan.

TULSA, Ok—The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (Tulsa Transit) is excited to announce the start of the Connecting Progress Plan. Tulsa Transit will complete the Connecting Progress Plan which is an operations analysis to determine the best way to deploy, and possibly reorganize, routes to serve existing and future transit customers. Potential outcomes of the Connecting Progress Plan include improvements to route connections, frequency, service span, and trip speed.

General Manager of Tulsa Transit, Ted Rieck said, “Tulsa Transit is excited to undertake our first deep system review in 14 years. We see this as an opportune time for Tulsa with the increased interest and investment in transit. The Connecting Progress Plan gives us an opportunity to revitalize our system, attract new riders, and to engage the community in ways we have not done for a long time.”

Tulsa Transit has partnered with Connetics Transportation Group (CTG), a consulting firm specializing in public transportation operations for the Connecting Progress Plan, as well as with INCOG and the Community Service Council.

About Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority
The Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (Tulsa Transit) was formed in August 1968 by the City of Tulsa. Tulsa Transit was set up as a public trust to continue the operations of the private bus service that had been run by the Missouri,Kansas & Oklahoma bus company (MK&O Lines). Today Tulsa Transit services
199 square miles of Tulsa and surrounding areas such as Jenks, Sand Springs and Broken Arrow, operating both fixed route and paratransit bus services. Tulsa Transit administration is overseen by a seven-member board of trustees.

The Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) is a voluntary association of local and tribal
governments in the Tulsa metropolitan area in northeast Oklahoma. Established in 1967, INCOG is one of 11 Councils of Governments in the State of Oklahoma, and one of several hundred regional planning organizations across the country.INCOG provides planning and coordination services to assist in creating solutions to local and regional challenges in such areas as land use, transportation, community and economic development, environmental quality, public safety, andservices for older adults.

About CTG
Connetics Transportation Group (CTG) is a small-sized consulting firm specializing in public transportation operations and implementation planning, encompassing bus, bus rapid transit, light rail transit, streetcar, and commuter rail modes.Our clients include public agencies and municipalities in small and large urban areas, as well as national and international engineering consulting firms. CTG is headquartered in suburban Atlanta, with additional offices in Chicago, LosAngeles, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Oakland. CTG is certified as a DBE/WBE by Departments of Transportation and other entities in over 25 states across the country.

About Community Service Council
The Community Service Council has been a non-profit leader in community planning since 1941. Working with area partners, CSC confronts challenges to health, social, education and economic opportunities and strategically advances effective community-based solutions. This is done though research, planning and action.

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